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Programme area


Eligible area

The eligible area lies at the southernmost part of the Republic of Hungary and the northernmost edge of the Republic of Serbia. The landscape is characterised by the Great Plain region in terms of its topography and is connected by the rivers Danube and Tisa.

On the Hungarian side the eligible area covers the following counties:

  • Csongrád
  • Bács-Kiskun.

On the Serbian side the eligible area covers the following NUTS III level equivalent regions:

  • West Bačka
  • North Bačka
  • North Banat
  • South Bačka
  • Middle Banat

Adjacent regions

  • South Banat
  • Srem

In the above mentioned adjacent regions (South Banat and Srem) according to Article 97 of Commission Regulation (EC) 718/2007, Community funding may finance expenditure up to a limit of 20 % of the amount of the Community contribution to the cross-border programme.

Today we use interactive maps more often than printed versions. Interactive maps are more practical and give us more information that the other ones. So apart from our printed Guide through the border crossings between Hungary and Serbia, we created an interactive map to help you plan your journey across the borders. Please click on the map and enjoy the trip through the region.

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